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I can’t believe Supernatural still occasionally shows up on my dash like…why are you guys so dedicated, it’s ok, they’re not gonna know if you stop watching, love yourself, as that movie you all love with all the white cartoons once said…let it go


Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky

Check out these paintings by Matthew Grabelsky on WE AND THE COLOR.


Albarrán Cabrera
"The mouth of Krishna"

Japan, 2013. #138. Gelatin silver print tea toned


Witches Preparing to Fly, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, ca. 1797.


Paul Delvaux (Belgian, 1897-1994), Vue des ruines de l’Abbaye d’Orval, 1933.

ik ben niet klaar voor morgen 


edouard vuillard

❝ When many people think of the Black Panther Party today, the image that comes to mind is male-centered and violent: a powerful man wearing the Panther’s signature black beret, with gun prominently in hand. This image has been seared into the collective conscious and appears on thousands of posters and t-shirts. It may be surprising, then, to learn that by the early 1970s the Black Panther Party was two-thirds female. ❞


Women key in shaping Black Panther Party

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uuuuuuugh ik heb huiswerk vor informatica….ik vind de html dingen leuk maar wij hebben een inkscape opdracht dat is ONMOGELIJK

niet eigenlijk maar ik vind het vervelend en slecht en ik wil het niet


I just want y’all to remember that a few days ago a visibly armed white man was pointing a gun at children in a park in broad daylight. He was calmly talked down and brought in to custody. TJ Lane shot up his school, was taken to trial peacefully, sentenced, escaped, and peacefully captured again. Or the white man who under the influence of some drug, attacked 3 officers in the police station, disarmed one and fired a shot. He wasn’t even tased. 

Let’s compare that with the fact that, Mike Brown was shot 6 times while surrendering. Vonderrick Myer was armed with a fucking sandwich and shot at 16 times. Levar Jones was stopped for a seat belt violation and got shot at 4 times for retrieving the ID he was ordered to show. John Crawford III was shot for being armed with an airsoft gun, in Wal Mart, where they sell airsoft guns!

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